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Iron Sharpening Iron


 This program focuses on the 40 developmental assets identified by the Search Institute as building blocks of healthy development that help youth grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. Learn more by downloading the flyer below.


Tutoring is offered to any Manatee County student who enrolls in ECCI programs. All tutors are degreed and/or certified teachers through the state of Florida. Students receive tutoring in all grades ranging from 1st - 12th grade. Students are also monitored through school progress reports and report cards. These documents also note attendance and discipline concerns which are discussed as needed.

Monday - Thursday

2:30 PM - 6:00 PM

MLK Children's Library

Located at the Anna Gayle STEM Center, this Children's Library is designed to motivate children to read. Pre-schoolers to high school students are able to read print material and participate in pre- or post-reading activities. Each child receives a free book at the close of the visit to take home and enjoy. Library visits can be arranged by appointment.

Family Life &

Sex Education

Students receive personal hygiene and teen pregnancy prevention instruction through group sessions in the summer and weekly during the school year. Parenting programs are offered on a regular basis. 



Students receive music training as a part of the Truly Blessed Youth Mass Choir. This choir presents monthly at local, state, and national gatherings. This group presented for more than 1,000 individuals at the International Youth Crime Prevention Conference in Miami, Florida and Denver, Colorado. They also presented at the Disney World Magic Music Days and the Governor's Conference. This group is involved in multiple cultural and career development field trips throughout the year.

Employability Skills Workshops

Participants are able to learn about important skills required for employment. 

Summer Employment & Slide Prevention Program

Thanks to the Manatee County School Board & Manatee County Government, students receive a stipend as they participate in this summer program. After successfully completing employee skills training, students are referred to employment opportunities and follow up is provided. Students commit to a year of academic monitoring by ECCI as they provide community service and participate in career building activities. 

STEM Agriscience Program

Students over a period of 2 1/2 years raised a Black Angus calf, using no antibiotics, hormones, or any other chemicals. The steer was grass-fed and Halal processed. Students participate in weighing, packaging, labeling, and pricing their beef for sale.

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